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Discworld Monthly Issue 208 is a relatively short issue that features a review of the new Discworld Busts from Micro Art Studio, our latest competition results, and the usual mix of news, trivia and readers letters.

Published: 31-Jul-2014 by Jason Anthony

Discworld Monthly Issue 207 includes the news that Terry cannot make the Discworld Convention, reviews of The Long Mars and The Witches Boardgame, the results of A Thronging of Thaumaturgists, a new competition and the usual mix of letters, news and trivia.

Published: 06-Jul-2014 by Jason Anthony

I attended the 8pm May 30th show of Monstrous Regiment, which was only their third live performance. Characters and scenes were understandably cut (most notably Nuggan and the A-M Watch people) but the main thrust of the story was kept intact, as was the humor. They handled adapting the action scenes to the limitations of the small space and crew very well and not once during the 2.5 hour run (with a brief intermission) did the pace drag. The scenes transitioned very smoothly so that unless you know the story by heart (ahem) you might not miss those trimmed out parts at all. The cast was great, but I must say my favorite was Igorina. All in all I highly recommend seeing it. The Lifeline is a small theater so book in advance in case they sell out (hopefully!). We will definitely be going back to see it again. Lisa Pendragyn

Published: 04-Jun-2014 by Jason Anthony

Discworld Monthly Issue 206 features a review of the 2003 Librarian Jigsaw, the return of Discworld casting and the usual mix of news, letters and trivia

Published: 03-Jun-2014 by Jason Anthony

Discworld Monthly Issue 205 features review of The Spring Fling and Paul Kidby Discworld and Beyond, news from the Irish Discworld Convention 2015 and the usual mix of trivia, news and letters.

Published: 08-May-2014 by Jason Anthony

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